In order to guarantee convenience and performance for users in office buildings,Legrand offers different systems for distributing power and data to workstation depending on the building`s existing wiring type.

Patch cords and cables

classic home network - create your enclosure
  • This multimedia modular system fits in any DIN cabinet (easy plug)
  • System to distribute in the home: phone, data, internet on RJ 45 and TV over coaxial
  • Each RJ 45 can be affected to a different application via patch cords, using the same network, therefore giving maximum flexibility
  • Aestetics and look of the enclosure designed to give maximum satisfaction
  • No cable nor patch cords visible
  • Using RJ 45 patch modules ensures good connections along time and reduces maintenance

patch panel

just a few seconds, you have a perfect connection, guaranteeing optimum performance for the link, from the patch panel to the RJ 45 socket.

LCS² enclosures, racks and wall mont cabinets

LCS² enclosures and racks optimised management of cables and cords. It can be easily assembled and dismantled with a complete accessibility from doors, panels, pre-cuts and low opening. LCS² wall-mounting cabinets can be fitted anywhere where maintaining aesthetic quality is very important.

LCS² fibre optic

From the optical fibre drawer to connectors, not forgetting zone distribution boxes. The Legrand LCS² range offers a full solution for fast, high performance connections over optical fibre.


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