knx devices

 KNX  has  developed  into  one  of  the  most  important  systems  for  home  &  building  control. the KNX standard currently offers a wide variety of media and configuration modes. KNX now covers the full range  of in-house communication options, including twisted pair,  powerline, radio frequency and even Ethernet media.


z wave devices


All Vitrum wireless devices communicate with each other through the Z-wave protocol, with low power consumption radiofrequency. Each Vitrum control is a smart stand alone device, it can communicate with other Z-wave devices in the network. Z-wave wireless protocol has been designed to associate different kind of devices to create a real and functional interaction.


Legrand & Bticino home automation system enables you to control your home remotely through new technologies. you can control all electrical equipment base on SCS bus. Through the SCS bus, you have the following functions: Light control, Automation, Sound diffusion, Energy management, Thermoregulation, Video intercom, Alarm system.

Touch screens

TouchScreen1.2" for the simultaneous management for max.4function :Sound System,Temperature Control,Consumption Display,Load Management,Scenarios-2Modules

TouchScreen3.5" Touch Screen for the management of the following functions:
Automation,Lighting,BurglarAlarm,TemperatureControl,SoundSystem,Scenarios,Load Management and Consumption Display.
USB front connector for configuration.device preset for programming with Open Web Net protocol language

TouchScreen10"- touch screen 7" The Human Touch
All the new features and characteristics of the new BTicino device; completely new graphic interface and design, simple and intuitive for total control of your home.


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